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He stopped talking when there was murmuring among the journalists in the room. Im sorry, whats going on? Obama asked. Multiple people in the audience told the president someone had passed out. Footage from C-SPAN showed reporters in the briefing room standing over someone. From behind the podium, Obama asked for someone to go to his doctors office and รองเท้าส้นเตารีด get the presidential physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, to attend to the person. Obama then tried to return to the press conference, but someone in the crowd called out and said, We need to get a doctor in here, I think. Can somebody help out, please, and get Doc Jackson in here? Obama asked. As he waited for the doctor to arrive, someone in the crowd expressed gratitude. Thank you, Mr. President, for stopping, the person said. Of course, Obama replied, adding, Lets give her a little room the doctor will be here in a second. Obama eventually returned to his press conference after the doctor arrived. The doctors in the house, Obama said before reverting to the discussion of Syria.