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Her diet is also pretty normal . She starts the day with tea and biscuits, and she's partial to a chicken salad for lunch. But where does the Queen get all her clothes and other everyday items from? It's unlikely you'll ever spot her doing her own shopping, but she does have some favourite places she repeatedly buys things from. We did some research into the Queen's favourite shops, and what she buys in each. If you want to know where to get a pair of shoes just like hers, you've come to the right place. Wherever the Queen goes, she is prepared for the weather. Her Majesty is often spotted with a transparent Fulton umbrella, allowing everyone to see her while she stays dry. According to the Fulton website , "not only do these allow her to be seen by her public, they're completely bespoke and are made to match her outfit." Comfort and support are key when the Queen is looking for shoes. She can almost always be seen in her signature heels, and she's worn the same style for over five decades. Originally, she bought them from the British company Rayne, who made shoes for stars like Liz Taylor, according to  the Telegraph .

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