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"It's refreshing and good for your skin." Residents have been flocking back since Islamic State was expelled from the town in early November, ending the days when bathers had to wear a tunic covering them from knee to navel as part of the Sunni Muslim movement's strict modesty code. "If you had only swimwear, Daesh (Islamic State) would whip you," said Wael Abdullah, 12, before diving into a pool. "The hisbah came checking that everyone had the right dress," he said, referring to the religious police that monitored everything from men's beards to women's veils. Across the street is an indoor pool where locals and soldiers taking a day off from the front get a soapy massage. The spa used to be magnet for wellness tourists and rheumatism patients but had passed its heyday even before the Islamist militants arrived in 2014. "We used to have visitors from Baghdad, the south and even the Gulf, Kuwait, Saudi ชุด ว่า ย น้ํา เกาหลี Arabia," said Latif Mohammed, who was hired to help run the spa for 10,000 Iraqi dinars ($8.58) a day. "It was built in the '80s but needs refurbishing." The elegant hotels at the spa are now shuttered or bombed out because Islamic State fighters used to live there. A machine gun nest at the entrance shatters any sense of normality. On Monday, the spa opened only at noon due to rumors of an Islamic State attack, said a federal police officer. SPA TOWN CAMP Upgrading the baths is probably the last priority for officials who, just 2 km (1.25 miles) away, also have to run one of the biggest camps for people fleeing the battle of Mosul.

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