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Retail decline continues with closure of Lane Bryant, Loft, Ann Taylor and Justice stores

CEO David Jaffe told investors during a recent conference call that Ascena's stores are not immune to those changes,  according to CNN Money . The company decided to close hundreds of stores because of "persistent traffic decline" thanks to Amazon and other online marketplaces, Jaffe said. With yet another retail company announcing plans to downsize, we talked to experts and shoppers about the steady slide of retail sales. Online marketplaces appeal to young shoppers like Bethany Halusker, a Parma woman in her 20s, because they save time. "There's lots of variety and it's very convenient since I don't have to shop around," she said. Many online sellers now offer free shipping or are able to get their products to a customer's door within a few days. "Two-day shipping helps out a ton," Halusker said of Amazon, the internet retailer she uses most often. Halusker said she still buys groceries and most of her clothes at traditional stores, but she goes online for almost everything else. More and more consumers are following her example. While internet sales accounted for only around 8 percent of retail sales in 2016, online purchases grew by 15 percent compared to 2015, a significant bump which is enough to affect revenue at brick and mortar stores. However, even when customers aren't shopping online, the internet can still impact conventional shops.

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