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Why He Cant You Out Of His Head, According To Astrology | YourTango

I mean, wondering why the person you’re seeing even likes you is part of the stress of dating … or was that just me? Maybe the answer is in astrology. Maybe his fondness for you is due to a strength in your personality that is attributed to the zodiac sign you were born under. Find your zodiac sign by horoscope date below to find the most likely reason that he is obsessed with you, according to astrology. You know the saying “confidence is sexy”? Well, that is very true when it comes to the Aries. The Aries zodiac sign tends to be confident, enthusiastic and passionate people. All of these characteristics make them hot as hell and irresistible to their romantic interests. The brutal honest nature of the Aries makes them a rarity that intrigues men as well.

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