The Globe Asked Sutliff To Talk About Her Work In The Field Of Psychic Services.

Im not one of those 1-800 psychics but the real deal, says Sutliff, who has an office in Billerica. Sutliff says mediums such as herself are normal people they just have an intuitive gift honed through practice and mentorship. She does New Years predictions, basics readings over Skype, and provides business or personal consultations. The Globe asked Sutliff to talk about her work in the field of psychic services. I charge $160 for a half-hour reading; $225 for an hour; $450 for two hours. Readings can be booked and paid for online. Today, mediums such as myself have very different roles like any business, you have to diversify and find new tools to make money. Mine just happens to be a psychic portfolio that includes missing person cases, media appearances, speaking engagements, teaching classes on intuition, and writing books. Its not like the old days when someone poured you a cup of tea and read the leaves, although that is a lost art. I have typical profit and loss expenses like any other LLC out there.

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