They Want To Win Some Of That Business Here For Liverpool.

Yield, a measure of revenue per passenger, per kilometer, fell to its lowest level since 2009 at Cathay in the six months ended in June, and the 2016 fiscal year figure at Singapore Air was the weakest since 2010. Air Goes Out Ticket prices at Cathay and Singapore Air, as measured by passenger yields, have been falling Source: Bloomberg, company reports Note: Figures converted from local currency. RPK = revenue passenger kilometers, distance flown by aircraft multiplied by the number of paying passengers per plane. Only annual and June 2016 figures shown. Singapore Air numbers backdated to align affordable flights to San Francisco from kamloops bc with Cathay, so Dec. 2015 figure is for the fiscal year ending March 2016. Crushed between the tectonic plates of the Chinese and Gulf carriers, the cities' airlines are also geographically disadvantaged. Two-thirds of humanity lives within an eight-hour flight of Emirates' base in Dubai, making it particularly well-placed to link global travelers. Qantas Airways Ltd.'s 2012 deal with the Gulf carrier , which saw it give up connections via Changi and Chek Lap Kok to serve a wider array of European destinations through the Gulf, is a warning that geography is destiny for airlines. While the carriers try to fight a rearguard actionagainst this -- see Singapore Air's flights to Houston via the English city of Manchester , or the nonstop polar trips to Newark it plans to restart next year -- they are working from a position of weakness.

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That means it will serve 32 destinations from the airport. He said: Were already now focused on the winter schedule for winter 2017 and were trying to finalise that, so were having discussions with the airport. We hope sometime in the next couple of weeks that well be adding or announcing two or three new routes for winter 2017. Mr OLeary says Ryanair will soon have two million passengers a year coming through Liverpool cheapest flights to paris france from jax airport. He said: This year, our year ends in March, well carry about 119/120m passengers. Next year we expect that to grow to 130m passengers. Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: LIVERPOOL ECHO LIVERPOOL ECHO And thats why airports like Liverpool are so keen to talk to Ryanair. They know we have these exciting growth plans. They want to share in that growth. They want to win some of that business here for Liverpool. Liverpool airport attracts many people from across the North West who fly out for their holidays. But it also acts as a gateway to Liverpool for overseas visitors, something Mr OLeary is keen to encourage.

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People in Westport are up in arms over late-night landline calls intended for the UK-based station. The mix-up is a result of Irish viewers calling the show's premium-rate numbers, which start with 098, without adding the international dialling code. Regional Development Minister Michael Ring said his constituents were "aggravated and annoyed". Mr Ring told the Sunday Independent: "They are getting these calls in the middle of night. "One of those people has an elderly mother and family members all over the world and there could be a call at any time that they would have to take." 'Everything they could' He said people in the town should not have to change their phone number because of the blunder. The Fine Gael politician has referred the matter to a number of authorities, including the police, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and ComReg, the Republic of Ireland's communications sector regulator. The minister told the paper the police "did everything they could" but they had limited powers. He has also contacted the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA), the UK regulator for goods and services charged to a phone bill, such as directory enquiries and votes to TV talent shows. A PSA spokesman said it was looking into the problem.